Alan Conway, ARC Dog Rehab

The Dog Whisperer

I passionately believe that the methods of Cesar Millan – the so-called ‘Dog Whisperer’ – are a league above all other forms of dog behavioural training and intervention.  And time and again I have been proved correct.

Leadership is key to engaging with your dog, changing their behaviour and re-booting your relationship with them.  Animals only follow truly calm, confident leaders. The backbone of the ARC Dog Rehab training system is to learn a new self-discipline, “Calm Confidence”.

To achieve this you must always remain:    Calm  –  Gentle  –  Patient

And you must never become:    Frustrated  –  Angry  –  Aggressive

Dog Training that Really Works and Lasts

To succeed in this programme, you’ll have to commit to training yourself, working hard, remaining open to new ideas and accept that these methods must be for life.

ARC can help you understand and change the following dog behaviours:

  • Dog aggression or biting
  • Dominance or excitement
  • Phobias or obsessive behaviour
  • Nervous, tense or fearful
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping up at people
  • Pulling on the lead

Take a look at some of my testimonials and you’ll see delighted customers who find that this system has been the key to improving their dog’s behavior and relationship with them.

ARC Dog Rehab has no professional affiliation or association with Cesar Millan or his company. For more information about the ‘Dog Whisperer’ technique see ‘Our Recommendations’ page.

Important Information: Before you seek advice from any dog behaviourist or trainer, it’s strongly recommended that you consult with your vet to ensure the unwanted behaviour isn’t due to a health problem.

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