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Welcome to Arc Dog Rehab! I’m Alan Conway founder of Arc Dog Rehab. You can’t put a price on something that completely revitalizes your relationship with your dog – the highest quality help, the very best technique.  Dog Trainer Surrey – See who we have helped recently!

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Arc Dog Rehab In A Nutshell

At ARC Dog Rehab we know that dog behavioural problems can be a source of much worry and unhappiness. We also know – as all dog lovers do – that every dog has his or her own personality, which is what makes them so special.

We do not try to make all dogs the same, or to eradicate their individuality or personality.  We don’t try to make dogs go against their nature.  We do – very successfully, as our great testimonials page will show you – help change your dog’s mind-set to reduce and then eliminate problem behaviours in a way that results in a new, happier relationship with your dog.

My motto is “no dog left behind

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What others say about us


“We rescued a 2-year old male Boxer who began to display aggressive behaviour towards other dogs, male or female, big or small. It became such a serious issue that we dreaded walking him and would avoid meeting anyone with dogs in case another incident occurred. Friends recommended using various treats & toys but they only worked when there were no other dogs around. As soon as another dog was in sight he would ignore the treats completely. Even though I’ve owned dogs since childhood I was unable to cope with the level of aggression and was seriously worried that I would be unable to keep Dexter. Another dog walker recommended Alan and our lives have been transformed. Instead of dreading the walk, we love introducing Dexter to others as we can see such a marked improvement in his behaviour. Alan patiently explained the basics of dog psychology and helped us adapt our behaviour which changed the dynamics of our dog-owner relationship for the better.
Dexter is finally learning that it is no longer necessary to be aggressive and he allows us to take care of the situation which in turn makes him a happier dog. I had never studied Cesar Milan’s techniques but can honestly say that they work wonders with aggressive dogs. Knowing that Alan is at the end of the phone if we ever had a worry is priceless”.

DEXTERBrenda. Purley, Surrey.

“I would like to say that since meeting Alan my life with Parker has changed so much for the better. Parker, our 8 yr old Weimaraner had shown aggression towards other dogs since he was attacked a few years ago. He was getting progressively worse when out walking to the point that I was a nervous wreck when other dogs were around. He would demonstrate real aggression to most dogs that ran up to him, and had sometimes even attacked another dog. Luckily no harm was ever caused, but it was getting to the point where I didn’t want to walk him anymore. I made a call to Alan, he visited our home and met Parker and the family, came for a couple of walks with us, and we now have a dog that we can walk anywhere, with anyone, totally relaxed knowing that he won’t attack another dog. It has changed our lives and I am so so grateful for his help. Alan is dedicated to helping others with their dogs, and I’m glad that I have now got a friend in Alan that I can meet up with regularly and walk with. He is always on the end of the phone to offer support and advice, however, now I meet him just because I enjoy all the dogs that he surrounds himself with and Parker adores him. So a big thank you to Alan”.

PARKERSally. Walton-On-Thames

“We have two Basset Hounds, which are typical of the breed as being very stubborn. We have tried quite a few dog trainers in the past without loads of success. Some would say to do things one way and another would contradict the previous one. We have been using Alan for just over a year and a half now and I can say there has been a considerable improvement in our dog’s behaviour. Alan uses Cesar Millan’s techniques & teaches that it’s not about punishing the dog or dominating it aggressively but more showing it it’s position within the pack (Family). One of our dogs, although 99% of the time peaceful and laid back would snap at other dogs it did not know. We had no success with other dog trainers. Alan’s way was to show the dog that you’re in charge and if there is any danger in the situation then you will deal with it as the pack leader. By doing this over time the dog will realise that they don’t have to try to protect the pack all the time, thus meaning they can get on with being a happy, relaxed dog”.

MAISIE & FRANKIEJo & Andy. London W7

“Alan came to our house to help us with our 2 dogs, Freya and Indy both of whom had become impossible to walk due to their aggression towards other dogs and their extreme leash pulling. After a couple of hours with Alan we were walking peacefully with 2 well behaved dogs alongside us. Alan trains owners to become strong pack leaders so that the dogs can feel safe, know their boundaries and respect their owners.  He has a fantastic energy that dogs instantly respond to and teaches you how to develop that patient, calm and assertive energy yourself. We had tried many other methods and trainers before Alan and nothing had worked. Changing how we manage our dogs has changed our whole lives and is the best investment our family has ever made. I recommend Alan wholeheartedly to all dog owners”.

FREYA & INDIEmma, East Molesey, Surrey