At Arc Dog Rehab, we spend every day of our lives working with dogs that have some sort of behavioural issue. By dedicating our lives to helping such animals, we have developed a highly specialised approach that yields exceptional results.

Based on the techniques used to such great effect by the TV Dog Whisperer – Cesar Millan – our approach to dealing with dogs that are not behaving as they should is simple and extremely effective. We stress the need to remain, calm and patient at all times, and never to exhibit any sort of violent behaviour toward your dog.

Benefit from our Dog Training in Banstead

If you would like us to help you rehabilitate your dog, we will be delighted to help. However, before we get started, we ask you to consider the following points as, once you understand them, you will be able to take full advantage of our system.

  • Dogs Rely on People – While it is true that dogs are almost genetically identical to wolves, there is one hugely important distinction in the way that these two types of animals behave: dogs look to people for leadership and assistance, wolves do not. Once you have digested this fact, you will see how vital your behaviour is when training your dog.
  • Fear is Not a Training Tool – Some old-fashioned trainers still believe that the best way to train a dog is to instil fear in them. While there is no doubt that it is possible to make a dog obedient by making it fear you, an obedient dog is not necessarily a happy dog. If you want to make sure that your pet is both happy and obedient, a patient, calm approach works best.
  • Hard Work is Required – Because the biggest factor influencing your dog’s behaviour is your own behaviour, you will have to work hard to achieve the results you desire. It is only by changing your approach and the way you react to your dog that you can hope to rehabilitate him or her successfully.
  • Lifelong Commitment is Necessary – Adopting our methods while we help you to train your dog in Banstead is a good start but it is just the beginning. If you want your dog to behave properly for as long as he or she is a part of your family, you will need to commit to following our methods for life.

If you really want to change your dog’s behaviour, we can show you how. We can normally demonstrate positive progress within a matter of hours rather than days. However, it is you that will need to continue the work in the long term, to ensure your dog is completely rehabilitated.

Although once the initial training period is over, we will not be there every day to hold your hand, we will never be more than a phone call away should you need our help or assistance with any problems you may encounter. Call today for further information on our dog training in Banstead.