For details of our canine training programmes in Beckenham and the surrounding area, please call or email us whenever convenient. We offer one-to-one training sessions for local dog owners whose pets are causing a problem, either in the home or outside of it.

Whether your dog is behaving aggressively to other members of the household, jumping up at guests even when told not to, or simply barking too much, we can show you how to deal with the problem permanently.

Cost Effective Dog Training in Beckenham

While you may be able to find cheaper training programmes in the area, especially if you are happy to join a large group with a single instructor, our one-to-one sessions are among the most cost effective solutions available. Once we have shown you how your behaviour can be modified to have a positive influence on your dog, you will never need to consult a canine behavioural specialist again.

How quickly your dog responds to our training techniques and your changed behaviour will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your Dog’s Energy Level – Dogs have different energy levels and this can affect how quickly they react to our rehabilitation programmes.
  • The Nature and Severity of the Problem – If your dog has been exhibiting extremely obsessive behaviour for many years, with no attempt to correct this behaviour on your part, it could take longer for him or her to respond than if it were a recently discovered, mild behavioural issue that we were dealing with.
  • You – In order to effect changes in the behaviour of the dogs that we are asked to train, we have to help owners and anybody else who comes into regular contact with the dogs in question to alter their own behaviour. The faster you learn how to do this, the sooner your dog will respond.

Achieving Long Lasting Results

Over the years, we have successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs using our proven techniques and we look forward to rehabilitating many more in the future. Although we have personally shown hundreds of owners how to encourage their dogs to behave in a more acceptable manner, the long-term success of our programme rests with the owners themselves.

Without the hard work and commitment that our clients have demonstrated, our success rate would no doubt be significantly lower. We say this not to appear humble but to impress on you how important your own actions are, both during the time that we are training your dog and once we have left.

Discover How We Can Help You

If you would like to find out exactly what we can do for you and your pet, please call us to take advantage of our free telephone consultation offer for all new clients. During the consultation, we can discuss ways in which your dog can be trained, long-term rehabilitation strategies, and any features of our dog training in Beckenham that you are not clear about. Call today and let’s get your dog started on the path to rehabilitation.