From our local base, just over five miles from Cobham, we have helped many local residents to rehabilitate their problem pets and we are looking forward to helping many more over the coming years. As canine behavioural specialists, we are adept at pinpointing the root cause of problems quickly and efficiently, and providing highly effective solutions. If you would like us to help you rehabilitate your dog, call us today on 07974 350898 to discuss your options.

The Reasons Our Dog Training in Cobham is so Effective

There are many firms and individual trainers in the country who offer to help owners solve the problems they are experiencing with their dogs but not all of them are able to deliver on their promises with the same consistency as us.

  • We Use Proven Methods to Obtain Fast Results – If you have ever watched the Dog Whisperer on TV, you will already be familiar with the methods that we employ. Leading by example, we provide dogs with firm, friendly training, designed to achieve fast, long lasting results.
  • We Succeed Where Others Fail – On numerous occasions we have been asked to rehabilitate animals that other trainers have been unable to help and we always get results. Our methods are based on a deep understanding of how dogs interact with each other and with humans, which is why they are so effective.
  • Our Method Produce Lasting Results – By working with owners as well as their dogs, we are able to achieve results that last a lifetime. Once you alter the way you behave toward your dog, you will notice an immediate and positive change in its behaviour. This is how we are able to achieve consistently good and long lasting results.
  • We Are Committed to Our Work – One of the main reasons that we are so successful, our dedication to canine rehabilitation is unwavering and has helped us to establish an excellent reputation in the world of dog training.

Can We Help You to Rehabilitate Your Dog?

The answer to this question is almost certainly yes. We have successfully rehabilitated dogs exhibiting a wide range of behavioural issues and over the years we have been in business, we have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of canine behavioural patterns that is unrivalled in the industry.

Among the many behavioural issues we have successfully tackled in the past, the ones listed below are those we have most commonly encountered:

  • Dominant Behaviour – When owners fail to provide clear leadership, a dog’s pack mentality can take over and cause it to assume what it believes to be the vacant position of pack leader.
  • Excessive Barking – This can be caused by a number of issues, all of which we have experiencing of dealing with.
  • Biting – Again, there are a number of reasons that dogs bite but whatever the reason, we can help you to address the problem quickly and effectively.

For further information about dog training in Cobham, please feel free to call at any time. If we are unavailable, we will return your call without delay.