Wherever you happen to live in Surrey, you can book one of our affordable home courses by calling 07974 350898 today. Designed to achieve fast results whatever the problem, our courses utilise training techniques that have proved to be highly successful. The most well-known proponent of the methods that we employ is Cesar Millan, the so called Dog Whisperer who was the star of a popular TV show in America for many years.

How Our Dog Training Courses in Surrey Work

When you contact us to ask for our help, we will first take the time to listen to what you have to say regarding the problems you are experiencing. Once we are aware of the nature of the behavioural issues that your dog has, we will explain why we think your pet is behaving the way it is and suggest a course of action that we believe will help to change your pet’s behaviour.

If you are happy with our suggestions we will arrange to visit you in your home, where we can see how your dog acts in its natural environment and confirm the reason for its bad behaviour. With hundreds of successful outcomes behind us, you can rest assured that we always get to the root of a problem within a short space of time.

The actual training component of our courses involves using our knowledge of canine thought processes to influence the way your pet behaves. While we are training your dog, we will make sure that you are aware of exactly what we are doing at all times, so that you can emulate our moves once we have left. It is only by changing the way that you act toward your four-legged friend that lasting changes to its behaviour can be made.

Having completed the initial stage of the rehabilitation process, and made sure that you know what to do once we have left, to ensure the changes to your dog’s behaviour are permanent, we will leave you to get on with the rest of your lives. However, should you experience any difficulties in the future, you can always call and ask for our advice. We are committed to providing our clients with long-term solutions and are pleased to be able to provide support on an ongoing basis, should it be required.

Duration of Our Courses

Our dog training courses in Surrey are tailored to meet the needs of individual owners and their pets, so the duration may vary depending on the nature of the issues that we need to address. How long it takes for us to achieve positive results will also depend on you: the quicker you alter the way that you treat your dog and the behavioural cues that you are giving out, the faster it will respond.

Dogs that are naturally stubborn may resist change for slightly longer than animals with an easy going outlook but eventually they will respond to the same training in the same positive manner.