With a free initial consultation and our personal money-back guarantee, there is absolutely no reason not to try our canine rehabilitation services in Croydon. We have many years of experience and follow the proven methods of Cesar Millan, the man known on American TV as the “Dog Whisperer”.

Focusing on helping owners of animals with serious behavioural issues, we work across the South East and in many parts of the Midlands too. Wherever you happen to live, you are more than welcome to call for advice and if you are within our catchment area., we can arrange a home visit to assess your dog’s behavioural problems.

What You Stand to Gain from Our Dog Training in Croydon

While our rates are very competitive, we understand that before paying for one-to-one training sessions, you will want to know what you stand to gain from your investment. Below is an outline of what we have to offer our clients across the United Kingdom.

  • Personal Attention from an Experienced Professional – With an unrivalled record of achievement in the field and years of experience working with many different breeds, you can rest assured that when you work with Arc Dog Rehab, you will be working with a trainer who is a highly skilled, accomplished professional with an in-depth knowledge of canine behavioural traits.
  • Rapid Solutions to Difficult Behavioural Issues – The methods we use are capable of producing rapid results, a fact that is sure to come as welcome news to dog owners who have been living with a problematic pet for months or perhaps even years. We will train your dog quickly, then show you how to modify your behaviour in order to ensure long lasting results.
  • Lifelong Support – Although we cannot be there in your home to support you every day, we are always happy to offer our help and advice over the phone. In the unlikely event that you should encounter any problems with your pet after our dog training in Croydon, we can help.
  • Guaranteed Results – As we mentioned above, we guarantee positive results. If your dog’s behaviour does not improve, we will not charge you a penny. Very few canine behavioural specialists have the necessary confidence in their abilities to make such an offer but we know how effective our methods are.
  • A Friendly, Patient Trainer – Some dog trainers use aggressive, oppressive techniques to achieve results but this can be counterproductive in the long run, not to mention extremely unpleasant for your pet. We believe that patience, a calm attitude, and a firm but loving approach, works much better for all concerned.

If you have a Springer Spaniel who won’t stay off the sofa or maybe a German Shepherd with social issues, please do not hesitate to call us and take advantage of our free initial consultation offer. Whether you decide to take advantage of our expertise by booking one-to-one training is completely up to you; either way, we will be delighted to help you in any way that we can.