If you have a dog that just doesn’t seem to respond to your commands or whose behaviour is making your home life a misery, call Arc Dog Rehab today. We have been helping owners in Dorking and the surrounding area for many years and during this time, have successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs.

Working on a one-to-one basis with animals of all ages, we are able to succeed where other trainers fail, to produce lasting changes in the behaviour of animals that have resisted the efforts of their owners for months or even years.

What You Can Expect from Our Dog Training in Dorking

We have our own special way of dealing with problem dogs, which is based on the methods and techniques employed by Cesar Millan, the star of the US TV show, the Dog Whisperer. For those who have never had the pleasure of watching this inspired trainer in action, we have outlined the key points of our approach below:

  • Patience – We are often able to achieve positive results within a remarkably short space of time but we do so by working with your dog, not by working against it. We believe that a calm, patient approach has the best chance of succeeding, whatever the problem may be.
  • Psychology – Instead of using confrontational techniques, with physical punishments, we use your dog’s thoughts and feelings to influence its behaviour and effect the changes you desire. We don’t believe in punishing dogs physically but rather in taking a compassionate approach to effect changes.
  • Instilling Confidence in You – We will not always be there to influence your dog’s behaviour so we spend part of our time working with you, the owner, to give you the confidence you need to lead your dog in the future. A calm, confident leader is what every dog needs.
  • No Quibble Guarantee – We are so confident in our ability to rehabilitate even the most stubborn of dogs, we offer a personal guarantee to all of our customers: if we are not able to achieve positive results, we will not charge you for our services. We want you to know that you can rely on us to produce the results you need.
  • Timely Advice in the Future – If you should ever need a helping hand after taking advantage of our dog training in Dorking, you can call to speak to a member of our team at any time. We are happy to provide our customers with ongoing support whenever they may need it. Consider us as your personal canine behavioural consultants.

Now that you know something about the way that we work, please feel free to call us to discuss how we can help to rehabilitate your pet. We offer a free initial consultation over the phone and can normally schedule a visit within a short space of time, should you wish to go ahead and book a one-to-one training programme for your pet. We look forward to helping you and your pet enjoy a more harmonious relationship.