Whether you own a puppy who is having problems settling into its new home or a mature dog that has started to misbehave, we can help. At Arc Dog Rehab, we specialise in training animals of all ages that are proving difficult to handle. Biting, barking, obsessive behaviour and nervous excitability are all common problems that we have successfully dealt with before; along with many more less common behavioural issues.

Our clients come from all areas of England so even if you live many miles from Esher, please do not hesitate to call for expert advice and assistance. If you are outside our normal catchment area, we may still be able to help you find an effective solution to your dog’s behavioural problems.

How Our Dog Training in Esher Differs to That of Other Canine Coaches

We use techniques and methods that many other trainers do not, which is why we are so often able to succeed where others have failed.

  • No Aggression Toward Your Pet – While we do agree that it is necessary to show your dog that you are the leader of the pack, we do not believe that this should be accomplished by any kind of aggressive behaviour. We will show you how to control your dog using tried and tested canine psychology, and calm, patient leadership.
  • Assertive Energy – Owners who are capable of asserting themselves in a calm, friendly manner, are able to regain control of the situation that exists in their homes quickly and efficiently. A dog looks to its owner for clear leadership qualities and it is normally only when these are found to be lacking that problems start to occur.
  • Working with Owners – We don’t just train your dog, we train you to control your dog. This is a different approach to that taken by many other trainers and, as you can see by the numerous glowing testimonials we have received, it has proven to be highly a successful one for us.
  • In Your Own Home – Quite a few trainers require their clients to bring their pets to a special facility, where they attempt to rehabilitate the animals in question. While this approach can sometimes be successful, we find that it is much easier to rehabilitate a dog by meeting it in its home environment. It is also much more convenient for the owners too.
  • Free Advice – If you are not sure whether you wish to pay for dog training in Esher, please feel free to call and talk to us at any time. We will be delighted to offer our professional advice over the phone, with no obligation on your part to book a training session.

If you have followed the fortunes of Cesar Millan over the last few years, you are probably aware that the validity of his methods has been disputed by a number of so professional trainers. However, we continue to enjoy a phenomenal rate of success with them, a feat that these so-called ‘experts’ cannot boast.