There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you have reached a point where you are no longer able to control your four-legged friend. For one reason or another, every year thousands of owners across the country experience what seem like insurmountable problems with their pets and have to call for outside assistance. Unless you are an expert in canine behaviour, the best thing to do is to call someone who is. At Arc Dog Rehab, we specialise in helping owners to take back control of their lives and their dogs.

How Our Dog Training in Guildford Works

For those of you who have seen Cesar Millan at work, the techniques that we employ are very similar to those he used to such great effect on his popular TV shows. If you never had the pleasure of watching these shows, we can best summarise our approach by telling you that we work with a dog’s own psychology to help it overcome the issues it is facing.

Some people have attempted to discredit Cesar Millan over the years but there is no doubt in our minds, or the minds of the many customers we have helped in Guildford over the years, that his approach is highly effective, as well as being non-stressful to the animals involved.

The basic premise of using a dog’s own psychology to train him is that dogs are pack animals at heart and need a calm, assertive leader in their lives. Please notice the use of the word ‘calm’ in the previous sentence: behaving assertively does not have to, and never should in our opinion, mean that you have to act in an aggressive manner or use unnecessary force. Merely showing your dog that you are the leader (with our help of course!) should be enough to start his or her rehabilitation off on the right track.

Individual Cases

There is no single set of techniques that will work for every dog in existence of course and while the basic approach may remain the same, we employ a wide variety of techniques to solve the problems that the individual dogs we train are facing.

Every dog has his or her own energy level and finding out what level your dog possesses is key to formulating a successful treatment plan. Use techniques designed for high energy pets on a low energy dog and the results are likely to be less than pleasing.

Watch Our Methods Work

We could spend hours trying to explain the theory behind our dog training in Guildford but we think that the best way for you to find out how it really works is to see us in action for yourself. Call today for a free initial consultation and if you like what you hear, make an appointment for us to come to your home and work our magic on your pet.

Whilst we cannot guarantee results within a specific timeframe, we can tell you that most of our customers are surprised at just how quickly their pets’ progress.