If you have exhausted all other possibilities and come to the conclusion that you simply have a rogue dog who will never learn how to behave, now would be a good time to call Arc Dog Rehab. We have helped many owners in Hampton and the surrounding area over the years: owners who really thought that the only choice left to them was to give up their pets.

Why Our Dog Training in Hampton Always Succeeds

The reason we are able to rehabilitate dogs that other trainers are unable to work with is due to the unique approach that we take. We understand how dogs think and what they expect from the people they live with: canine psychology if you will.

  • Leadership – We don’t expect you to start strutting around your house and beating your chest but every dog owner needs to understand that their pets are pack animals at heart. While they may have been domesticated thousands of years ago, they are still virtually identical to wolves as far as their DNA is concerned. They look to you for leadership in their daily lives and it is when this leadership is missing that problems can arise.
  • Calmness – When dealing with a dog that is behaving in an undesirable manner, it is important to approach the task of rehabilitation calmly and methodically. Any overt signs of aggression from the trainer, particularly physical ones, are likely to make the situation worse instead of better. We always approach our training sessions in a calm and rational manner.
  • Experience – It is not possible to teach experience: it is something that you simply have to accumulate for yourself. Fortunately, we have it in abundance and, by hiring our team to assist with the rehabilitation of your pet, you can take advantage of the huge amount of experience that we have accumulated over the years.
  • Patience – Even though our methods produce faster results than any other approach we have encountered, it is still important to exercise a degree of patience when working with problem animals. Independent trainers such as ourselves find it easy to take a patient, measured approach with each dog that we handle, because we are not emotionally involved with the animals in question. However, it is relatively easy for you as an owner to learn the same approach, and this is something we positively encourage during each and every training session.

If you would like to find out just how easy it is to rehabilitate your pet, please call us to take advantage of the free initial telephone consultation that we offer to all new clients, after which we can arrange a training session at your home if you desire.

Our dog training in Hampton is effective for animals of all ages so whether it is a brand new puppy or an ageing family pet that is causing you problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the earliest possible opportunity.