Unless you have previously worked with a trainer who utilises the methods and techniques employed by the world famous dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, you will most likely find the progress we are able to make in a short space of time to be nothing short of miraculous. No matter where you happen to live in Hounslow, you can take advantage of our free initial consultation offer and start your dog on the fast track to recovery today.

How Can Our Dog Training in Hounslow Work So Quickly?

Most new customers want to know just how we can achieve measurable results so quickly. Although it is not easy to answer this question in just a few words, we will try to explain in as concise a manner as possible how we are able to achieve results far more quickly than many other trainers in the United Kingdom:

  1. We Work with, Rather Than Against, Your Pet – A battle of wills is not the way forward when dealing with a dog that is behaving badly. The best approach is to discern the root cause of the behaviour in question and then address it by using canine psychology. By working with your dog instead of against it, we are able to achieve fast results almost every time.
  2. We Use Specific Techniques That Have Proven to Be Highly Effective – Over the years that we have been rehabilitating problem animals, we have amassed a huge amount of experience. During this time, we have discovered a number of highly effective techniques, which we find work on the vast majority of dogs that we train.
  3. We Work with Owners as Well as Their Dogs – In order to successfully rehabilitate your dog and ensure that you are able to live together happily in the future, it will be necessary for you to build on the solid foundations we put in place during our training sessions. With this in mind, we always make sure that owners are fully involved during each session, with particular emphasis on helping them to understand why their dog is misbehaving.
  4. Understanding Canine Energy – Different dogs have different temperaments, or energy levels as well like to call them. By adapting our approach to suit the energy level of each dog that we train, we are able to ensure that rapid progress is made.

Special Offer for All New Clients

We understand that it can be difficult to judge whether a particular canine trainer is likely to be a good fit for your pet without actually getting to know them first, which is why we offer a free consultation to all new customers.

To find out more about our dog training in Hounslow, just pick up the phone and give us a call (from 7pm-10pm any day of the week is a good time to do so). We will be more than happy to discuss the problems you are experiencing with your pet and to suggest a suitable course of action.