Group training is a great way to learn how to manage a new puppy but a very bad choice if you have an older pet who has demonstrated an unwillingness to be trained in the past. The only practical alternative to group training is one on one sessions with experts such as ourselves. Unfortunately, such sessions are often too expensive to be a realistic consideration for many owners.

Individual Dog Training in Kingston upon Thames That Is Competitively Priced

We believe that devoted pet owners deserve an affordable and effective alternative, which is why we offer our professional training services at very competitive rates.If you have previously dismissed one-to-one training sessions because you thought the costs would be prohibitive, we encourage you to call us today and prepare for a pleasant surprise.

As a Kingston dog owner who is interested in private training sessions, the prices are not the only thing you will find appealing about our service:

  • Sympathetic Training Techniques – Although our highly effective approach is based on the assumption that dogs need a pack leader in their daily lives, we do not believe that there is any need to use physical force, or intimidating psychological tactics for that matter, to assert dominance. We prefer to employ a sympathetic approach that takes the feelings of your pet into consideration, not just the desired results.
  • Collaborative Process – In order for our efforts to pay dividends in the long term, we need to ensure that every owner understands how their behaviour affects that of their pets. For this reason, we take a collaborative approach to every training request that we receive, involving the owner at every stage of the rehabilitation process. Judging by the many glowing testimonials we have received over the years, it is an approach that our customers truly appreciate.
  • Speedy Results – The methods that we employ are those that we have found are not only effective but fast acting too. Even if you have been suffering in silence with your dog’s bad behaviour for years, you could see noticeable results in a matter of days, sometimes even hours! Whilst we cannot promise to cure your pet in a specific period of time, we can promise you that the majority of our clients are pleasantly surprised at just how fast we are able to achieve positive results.

Now that you know there is an affordable and highly effective option available when it comes to professional dog training in Kingston upon Thames, don’t wait any longer to tackle the problems you are experiencing with your canine friend. Call us today to discover what we can do to help, and to ask any questions you may have about our unique approach. We have worked with many clients in this part of the country during our time in business and sincerely hope that we have the opportunity of working with you and your pet in the very near future.