If you are the owner of a young dog that simply won’t settle in its new home or you are just starting to notice problematic behaviour in a previously well behaved animal, call Arc Dog Rehab today to take advantage of a free consultation with a canine behavioural expert. Once we have discussed the problems you are experiencing with your pet, we will outline an effective programme of training for you to consider.

Getting Started with Our Dog Training in Mitcham

Following the initial consultation, we can arrange a home visit to evaluate your pet in its natural environment.This will allow us to pinpoint the issues that are causing your dog to misbehave:

  • Searching for Answers – In many cases, the reason for problematic behaviour in dogs can be traced to the fact that they are looking to their owners for answers and are not receiving the guidance they require. This is not necessarily the owner’s fault as many people do not understand the basic need for guidance that dogs have. This is something that we can easily address when providing one-to-one dog training in Mitcham.
  • Leadership Bid Due to a Vacant Position– In the absence of firm (but friendly) guidance from its owner, a dog may quite naturally assume that the position of pack leader is vacant and this can lead to many problems. Such animals may exhibit aggressive and territorial behaviour that makes living together in the same house a very difficult proposition. By assuming one’s place as the pack leader, it is normally possible for an owner to curb such behaviour.
  • Obsessive Behaviour Caused by Lack of Direction – A dog that is confused or feels a lack of direction in its home life may react in other ways. Rather than being overtly aggressive, their frustration may be expressed in the form of obsessive behaviour: guarding their food, biting their own leg or becoming fixated with a particular toy are all commons types of obsessive behaviour, which can normally be cured by giving the animal in question firmer guidance than it is currently receiving.
  • Over Excitement / Arousal – Some pets need to be taught how to control their impulses. Dogs that habitually pull on the lead when they are out walking are a good example of a pet that finds it hard to control its impulses. Calm, methodical training techniques that focus on teaching the dog in question to control its impulses are often the best solution in our experience.

Visit our homepage now to claim your free initial consultation or call us on 07974 350898. If you cannot get through during the day it is probably because we are busy with a client. If this is the case, please try again after 7pm or alternatively, send us an email with your contact details and we will call you back as soon as we are free. We hope to hear from you soon.