Whatever problems you are experiencing with your four-legged friend, we can help you to solve them quickly and painlessly. We specialise in the rehabilitation of dogs with behavioural issues that other trainers cannot handle and we have a record of achievement that is the envy of our peers. To find out more about our methods and the service we provide to our clients in this part of the country, call or email us today.

Dog Training in Staines to Tackle a Wide Variety of Issues

If your dog’s behaviour is giving you cause for alarm, call us immediately for a free consultation. We can help to overcome a wide variety of behavioural issues that are commonly encountered in dogs:

  • Unnecessary Noise – If your dog barks at the slightest provocation, or sometimes seemingly without any provocation whatsoever, this is a problem that we can address.  The main thing to bear in mind when tackling a dog that barks too often is that although it is a natural method of communication, it is possible for you to let your dog know when it is unacceptable to bark, by changing the way you react to each episode of barking.
  • Food Aggression – Some dogs become very protective of, and aggressive over, their food. This can be very dangerous as it can get to the point where anybody who goes anywhere near the animal in question when it is being fed runs the risk of being bitten. Often, this type of behaviour can be due to anxiety about where the next meal is coming from and simply making an effort to feed your pet at a regular time every day will help. In cases where this does not do the trick, there are a number of techniques we can employ to solve the problem.
  • Biting – There are a number of different reasons that a dog may bite people so it is normally necessary for us to observe the behaviour in person before offering a diagnosis. If you are living in Staines or elsewhere in the area that we cover, visiting your home to evaluate your dog’s behaviour will not be a problem. If you live further afield, it is still worth getting in touch with us as we may be able to offer valuable advice over the phone.

There are many other behavioural issues that we are able to solve so please do not hesitate to call us even if you do not see your particular problem listed above. We have worked with hundreds of animals across the South East over the years and have yet to encounter a dog that was wholly unresponsive to our training methods.

We are quite often busy with dog training in Staines and the surrounding area during the day so if you would like to take advantage of our free initial consultation offer, it may be best to call in the evening, after 7pm, whenever you have a few minutes to spare.