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Leader or Follower?

To dogs it’s very much black and white – you are either the leader or a follower. That’s not to say your dog is necessarily trying to take over, however if he or she is not listening to you, or you are experiencing any behaviour problems this is the likely cause! My goal is to […]

Three basic commands you should teach your dog

There are many interesting and exciting tricks that it is possible to teach a dog but there are a few basic commands you should focus on before you try anything too fancy. These commands will all come in handy on a daily basis and will help your pet to become more disciplined too. To get […]

Using The Right Tools 3.

Finally in this series regarding tools that I’m not happy to recommend, are Halti and Canny Leader type collars. These certainly do work in most situations but I have still seen some people being pulled around when using them.  Then there’s a problem I’ve witnessed more than a few times where one of the straps […]

Greyfriars Hydrotherapy

Otto Goes For Hydrotherapy My sister-in-law Sandy’s dog, Otto, has been having trouble with his left rear leg since the end of this summer, limping after exercise, a condition which got progressively worse over a period of some months.  His vet has diagnosed this as wasting of the inner muscle of the rear leg.  He […]

A Glimpse of Spring?

What a pleasure to be out and about for the last couple of days.  Roll on spring I say! Friday was spent as usual cycling with a variety of dogs;  The morning was spent with Nero and Jessie going up and down the canal towpaths for 6 miles around Byfleet.   Then in the afternoon I […]

Richmond Park Sunday 20th Jan 2013

Met Amelia of Scallywaggers in the Richmond Hill car park at 10.30am to cycle with the dogs she’d brought with her.  It was snowing again, so we’d have to take care with 2 dogs on the lead for each of us! The park was very busy with families busy going tobogganing at all points where […]

Cycling in the Snow

Well the last 2 days have been fun going cycling with a variety of dogs in the snow! Started off on Friday morning taking Jessie, a Border Collie and Nero, a Rottweiler up and down the towpath of the Wey Navigation canal for a total of 5 miles.  Of course the snow got more and […]

Using The Right Tools 2.

Following on from part 1 of this series of posts, the next inappropriate tool being greatly overused is the flexi-lead. Now I can understand the reason why this item is so popular; most people have so little basic control over their dogs that this is the only way to allow it some freedom, yet retain […]

Using The Right Tools 1

It never ceases to amaze me what people use when walking their dogs. Harnesses, for example were designed primarily for two main purposes; to pull heavy objects like carts and sleds and to allow a dog full movement of both head and neck when it’s being used for tracking a scent, ie Bloodhounds.  If you […]

A Great Chew

If your dog likes chewing bones then check out deer antlers. That’s right, deer antlers! The great problem with bones is that they can splinter, with possible dire consequences to your pet; and rawhide or vegetable starch based chews don’t have any benefit to dogs, other than that of chewing in itself. Antler is incredibly […]

Surrey County Show

Had a great day today with Otto at the Surrey County Show.  Possibly due to the Jubilee celebrations but more likely the state of the bank holiday weather, for the first hour or two the crowds were quite thin on the ground, by midday however there seemed to be more like the numbers of people […]

Sunday Bike Rides

Most Sunday mornings, Otto and I join Scooby and his owner Mary by Canbury Gardens in Kingston upon Thames to go cycling up the Thames towpath to Sunbury Lock, or Walton Bridge and back, a round trip of between 12 and 17 miles. All through the winter, come rain or shine, hot or freezing cold, […]