cycling in the snow

Cycling in the Snow

Well the last 2 days have been fun going cycling with a variety of dogs in the snow!

Started off on Friday morning taking Jessie, a Border Collie and Nero, a Rottweiler up and down the towpath of the Wey Navigation canal for a total of 5 miles.  Of course the snow got more and more intense but the worst thing was that which ever way I cycled it seemed to be coming at me, so was quite uncomfortable on the face and the front of my jacket got covered in snow.

Then in the afternoon I met up with Amelia of Scallywaggers at Wimbledon common and we cycled about 4 miles with 3 dogs, Amber, Amelia’s Mastif/American Bulldog cross, Gizmo a Pug and Blue, a Staffie cross pup.

This morning I was over in the Croydon/Shirley area to take Dukie, a Border Collie/German Shepherd cross for his weekly bike ride.  We went through Shirley, West Wickham to Beckenham Junction and back along the pavements and although my back tyre slipped occasionally, all passed without great drama and we had a great time.

Tomorrow am due to meet Amelia in the Richmond Hill car park at 10.30am for our regular weekly bike ride round Richmond Park.  I’ve been taking dogs round there with the bike for the last 3 years or so and it’s always an interesting challenge in the snow, due to some of the hills in there!  Looking forward to it.