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Frequently Asked Questions

Cesar Millan’s Methods Get Criticised, Why Do You Use Them?
Because Cesar Millan’s methods really work!  I’ve been utilising his techniques for 7 or 8 years now and I wouldn’t use any method that I thought were harsh, unkind or cruel.  I can honestly say I’ve never had the slightest reservations about using any of these methods and Cesar Millan constantly states that they only work when applied CALMLY and GENTLY.  Especially with higher energy, more dominant type dogs the treat training approach often fails, or takes far too long to work…and there is nothing better than using the dog’s own psychology to get control of his behaviour.  The number of times I walk into a consultation and have almost immediate results is too frequent to be dismissed.  Give it a try…it could well be the answer to your dilemma.

What Areas Do You Cover?
I am prepared to travel up to 150 miles from Woking, Surrey to help with your dog’s behaviour. But no matter where you live, ring me to discuss your situation, my greatest wish is to help you achieve the relationship you desire with your “best friend”.

How Long Will It Take to Sort My Dog’s Behaviour?
It’s very hard to generalise because this isn’t about training your dog but about training you – and everyone who handles your dog – to adopt a different method of controlling him/her. A lot of clients pick this up very quickly and start to see positive results almost immediately, this will also vary from dog to dog, depending on the severity of the problem and also the energy levels of your dog.

What Do You Mean By Different Energy Levels?
With dogs the level of energy is the source of behaviour and when your dog exhibits nervousness, fear, aggression or territorial behaviour, these predominantly result from frustrated, pent up energy due to insufficient exercise.  All animals are born with one of four energy levels, low, medium, high and very high, no energy level is better than another but it’s best to choose a dog whose energy closely matches your own.

How Can You Help With Our Puppy?
Good socialisation is of paramount importance, as is exposing them to as many different situations as possible; i.e. car journeys, traffic noise etc. Getting these and other fundamentals right with a puppy can be reasonably straightforward…however, when they are removed from the calm energy of their mother who provided firm rules and boundaries, a lot of puppies can start to become little monsters, biting you and chewing everything in sight! I can show you how to change all this…normally within a few minutes!! Literally, no more biting and all the same items normally at risk of being destroyed left right on the floor.

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