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Otto Goes For Hydrotherapy

My sister-in-law Sandy’s dog, Otto, has been having trouble with his left rear leg since the end of this summer, limping after exercise, a condition which got progressively worse over a period of some months.  His vet has diagnosed this as wasting of the inner muscle of the rear leg.  He was initially referred for physiotherapy and is now undertaking a course of hydrotherapy.  The hydrotherapy treatment, according to the vet, is already bearing results and the affected muscles are showing signs of beginning to rebuild themselves!

On Saturday I was invited to accompany them to one of the hydrotherapy sessions at “Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals” based near Guildford on the Hogs Back.

During our visit there were also a Boxer and an 11 year old German Shepherd undergoing treatment; the Shepherd having been diagnosed with dysplasia and an abnormality in the spine that I believe the owner said had been quoted as only giving him a life expectancy of 1 year.  However with hydrotherapy the dog has exceeded this prognosis and seemed to be pretty strong and active from what we witnessed.

The work that these dedicated people at Greyfriars carry out, seems to be giving many dogs relief from a variety of physical ailments.  Very impressive and highly recommended!