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Benefit From Experienced Dog Training in Surrey

Please Note: Before you seek advice from any dog behaviourist or trainer, it’s strongly recommended that you consult with your vet to ensure that any serious unwanted behaviour isn’t due to a health problem.

We all love our dogs; however having an aggressive, unruly dog makes walks and playtime stressful. When you’ve tried other dog training techniques in the past but your dog has made little or no progress, come and chat with me. At ARC Dog Rehab, my methods are different – and they produce lasting results. I follow the methods of Cesar Millan, also known as the Dog Whisperer. My dog training in Surrey has helped turn around the behaviour of many badly behaved and aggressive dogs in the area.

Dogs are broadly looking for three things from their owners; Leadership, Direction and Protection…but it’s how we provide these that ultimately determines their behaviour. Utilising dog psychology, as taught and practiced by Cesar Millan is, in my experience, far more effective at producing balanced, well-behaved and sociable dogs than almost all other forms of dog behavioural training and intervention.

Becoming an assured ‘Pack Leader’ is key to achieving this change in their behaviour and re-booting your relationship with them. Dogs will only follow truly calm, confident leaders and so the backbone of these techniques is to learn a new self-discipline, ‘Calm Assertiveness’ or ‘Calm Confidence”.

To achieve this you must train yourself to always remain: Calm – Gentle – Patient.

And you must never become: Frustrated – Angry – Aggressive.

These methods have nothing to do with aggression and harsh dominance, forcing your dog to submit to your authority; such methods rely on fear and always end up failing in the long-term. To be successful, you’ll have to commit to working hard at training yourself, remaining open to new ideas and accepting that you must adopt these methods for life. When you do this, I can help you to overcome, amongst others, the following dog behaviours:

    • Barking
    • Biting
    • Dog on dog aggression
    • Fearful behaviour
    • Jumping up at people
    • Obsessive behaviour
    • Over-excitement
    • Pulling on the lead

I’ve worked with a variety of different dogs and I have no desire to change your dog’s unique personality; however, I do want to help your dog to be better behaved around other dogs and people. I can even start your dog out right with puppy dog training in Surrey. Since 2010, my work has led to many satisfied dog owners and happy dogs, as a look at some of my testimonials will confirm.

ARC Dog Rehab has no professional affiliation or association with Cesar Millan or his company. For more information about the ‘Dog Whisperer’ technique see our ‘We Recommend’ page.

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