richmond park 200113

Richmond Park Sunday 20th Jan 2013

Met Amelia of Scallywaggers in the Richmond Hill car park at 10.30am to cycle with the dogs she’d brought with her.  It was snowing again, so we’d have to take care with 2 dogs on the lead for each of us!

The park was very busy with families busy going tobogganing at all points where there was a hill to fly down!

We gathered ourselves together and set off, having to take great care to begin with until the dog’s initial excitement abated somewhat.  Also the 1st section of our ride is downhill and could quite easily get out of control.  We didn’t go right round the park because of the conditions, instead opting to take a route that covers just over half as far.  We still had a few sharp hills to contend with by going up to the Pen Ponds car park and heading past White Lodge to Sheen Gate and then back round to Richmond Hill.

Getting back to the car park in 1 piece, I said it would be nice to get some photos of the dogs in all the snow, so we walked round the back of Pembroke Lodge to indulge my wishes…..