Sunday bike rides

Sunday Bike Rides

Most Sunday mornings, Otto and I join Scooby and his owner Mary by Canbury Gardens in Kingston upon Thames to go cycling up the Thames towpath to Sunbury Lock, or Walton Bridge and back, a round trip of between 12 and 17 miles. All through the winter, come rain or shine, hot or freezing cold, we’ve been out there traveling at between 6 and 8 miles an hour to give the dogs a really good workout, which they thoroughly enjoy!

This Sunday was such a pleasant relief, for once rewarding us with the sort of sunny day we should be receiving at this time of year because just lately it’s been particularly gruelling getting soaking wet with the amount of rain we’ve been experiencing but Otto and Scooby don’t care and in fact even in the coldest of weather they are almost impossible to prevent from jumping in the river for a swim. On the odd occasion we have also been joined by 1 or 2 friends and their dogs, which has made for quite an interesting sight for others out and about on the towpath.

I firmly believe that as long as your dog is fit enough, this type of exercise is really good for them in relation to dog training and behavioural issues. The challenge of going with you at a speed which is closer to their natural travelling speed is very beneficial, both in fitness and draining energy because just like children, an awful lot of behaviour problems are caused by pent up, frustrated energy and a thoroughly tired dog is a happy dog!

With Otto, Jessie, Alma & Nero on the Basingstoke Canal.

If you fancy joining us and feel your dog is up to it, contact me via the website and meet up with us at about 9am at the Kingston end of Canbury Gardens, just to the south of Kingston Bridge.