Surrey County Show

Surrey County Show

Had a great day today with Otto at the Surrey County Show.  Possibly due to the Jubilee celebrations but more likely the state of the bank holiday weather, for the first hour or two the crowds were quite thin on the ground, by midday however there seemed to be more like the numbers of people around that I’ve experienced when visiting in past years.

Sam and Brian turned up with Nero, his very first visit to an event like this with so many people and other dogs to contend with but he settled down after a while and really seemed to enjoy himself.

A lovely acquaintence of mine, Carene of ‘Wagging Tails‘ KT postal area branch, (offering an alternative to placing your dog in kennels when you go away by having a network of fosterers who take the dogs into their homes) had a pitch by the arena staging the dog events and by the time the crowds had swelled somewhat, they seemed to be engaged with increasing levels of enquiries, which was pleasing to see.

The weather remained changeable, improving to the point that the sun actually made an appearance and then a while later the sky went really black but luckily the heavy rain that threatened held off.

In the arena there were demonstrations of Working Gun Dogs, a Hawk display, Fly Casting and then the local Dog Show, which always make me chuckle because most of the locals, with an amazingly varied assortment of dogs, enter primarily for the fun of it but the organisers and the judges always seem to take it all far too seriously….

All in all though a really enjoyable day, even though the price of everything, including the food, (£2.80 for a small portion of chips!!!) is a bit over the top but that just seems to be a part of the whole experience.

Roll on the next one…