using the right tools

Using The Right Tools 2.

Following on from part 1 of this series of posts, the next inappropriate tool being greatly overused is the flexi-lead.

Now I can understand the reason why this item is so popular; most people have so little basic control over their dogs that this is the only way to allow it some freedom, yet retain the ability to get the dog back!

However, during a normal walk, it’s my belief that whoever is in front is actually leading the activity and most dogs should almost never be allowed to take the lead.  So to use a flexi-lead properly, I suggest it should be used predominantly closed right up and only extend it for short periods when you give your dog a “time out” to sniff and pee, then close it up again to continue the walk.

My other gripe about the use of flexi-leads is their use with powerful breeds of dog.

I am very dubious about whether it’s possible to properly control a big powerful dog on one of these leads and the number of times that I see people walking all types of dog down fairly major roads with their dog ten or fifteen feet in front of them at the end of one of these devices shocks me!  It would only take something on the other side of the road to attract the dog and it would be out in the middle of the road in a flash, you just wouldn’t be able to react anywhere near fast enough to stop it, with possible catastrophic results!!